School Council

Hawksworth CE Primary School benefits from having a School Council where representatives from the classes help to make decisions about important issues which concern them and their fellow pupils.

The School Council aims to:

  • involve pupils in making decisions about the running of the school;

  • help make school a safe, happy and fair place to learn;

  • help teach pupils about democracy and good citizenship;

  • work in partnership with all the adults to improve the school;

  • help make decisions about how money could be spent;

  • help arrange fundraising events;

  • make sure that every child can have their say;

  • improve communication between pupils and adults at the school.

The School Council meets regularly and these meetings are led by Mrs S Oliver, our Assistant Headteacher. In between each meeting, the School Councillors arrange with their class teacher to hold a ‘Class Council’ session.  This provides an opportunity for School Council representatives to feedback to the class on what was said at the previous meeting and to take their views to the next meeting.  

School Council Members

School Council News

Leeds Bear Hunt

Mrs Oliver and the Hawksworth School Council decided to support the Leeds Bear Hunt. The Leeds Bear Hunt will involve more than 50 giant Bear sculptures which will hide in plain sight on the streets and within the parks of Leeds. The Bears will form a family-friendly trail of discovery, bringing Michael Rosen’s iconic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt story to life, and taking visitors and local people on adventures around the city and surrounding open spaces. The Leeds Bear Hunt will also raise money for Leeds Children’s Hospital which is a very worthy cause! Thank you to everyone who has supported the Hawksworth School Council by either donating money to the charity, suggesting names for the Bear or supplying resources to help create our school bear…who has now been named Hope by the children.

Below is Hope emblazoned in the winning design created by Fletcher H from Class 4. Also pictured are the members of the school council.