Mission Statement

Our Vision: 'Learning through Love, Fun and Faith'

...therefore we  provide the highest quality education, for each and every child, in partnership with parents, within a happy and respectful Christian community.


Our Bible Verse: ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ (Matthew 22:39) 


 Our Values: We adopt the following 6 Christian values as guiding principles... 




Our School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Bless our school.

Help us to make it a place

Where everyone can be happy.

And that by working together and playing together,

We may learn to serve one another.



Our Aims:

To be a learning community where:

  • Each child is significant; noticed, valued, respected and cherished.
  • Children are safe, enthusiastic, happy, engaged, courteous, and interdependent. 
  • As a result of outstanding, motivating and inspirational staff and teaching, each child makes sustained progress.
  • The teaching of reading, writing, communication and mathematics is exceptional and each child makes excellent progress.
  • Teachers plan challenging and enjoyable tasks based on accurate assessment of pupils’ prior skills, knowledge and understanding – supported by an outstanding, creative curriculum.
  • Learning across the entire curriculum is highly valued and each subject and area of learning is treated as significant.

To be a Christian community where:

  • Christian values are at the heart of school life.
  • There is a strong link with the local Church and the wider Christian community.
  • Spiritual development, as well as cultural, moral and social development, are integral to the learning experience in the school.
  • All children and families - those of the Christian faith, those from other faith backgrounds, and those with no faith background - may understand more about our Christian values and faith whilst being free to make their own choices.

To be a local community where:

  • The school is at the heart of the wider community, served by that community, and serving that community. 
  • The school is fully inclusive, welcoming all sections of the wider community, including those families who do not have a natural connection to the school, so that all will view the school as an active and open part of the wider community.
  • Effective partnerships with other community organisations are formed and have a positive impact on the life of the school.
  • Everyone is a learner – providing opportunities for life-long learning. 

To be a global community where:

  • The school encourages an awareness of the wider world and global communities.
  • The school equips our children with the skills to make a positive contribution to the global community that they will be a part of.