If you would like your child to attend our school, please see the full details of our admission arrangements below. Alternatively, contact the school office directly.

How to apply for a September 2025 place

If you are applying for a reception place for September 2025, all applications are made in advance. Offers are made by the Local Authority on national offer day.

You must apply to the local authority who empties your bins. If this is Leeds, go to The website is a composite prospectus for all Leeds schools, and this includes:


  • All the steps you need to go through to make an application
  • Key dates
  • A search tool to see if your home address gives any higher priority for admission to any school(s)
  • An explanation about how places are offered if there are more applications than spaces (oversubscribed)
  • The online application portal – apply online and you will be sent your offer by email
    a summary of each school’s individual admission policy criteria
  • Information about applying under a specific admission criteria (such as your child being previously looked after). It is important to ensure you submit all supporting evidence by the deadline to show you meet any such criteria

Admissions Arrangements 2025-26


The Governors at Hawksworth Church of England Primary School are the Admissions Authority and it is a legal requirement that they have a clearly defined and published admission policy for the school. In the event that there are more applications than the number of places available, the governors will allocate places according to the criteria set out in the policy.

Admission numbers

The planned admission number for September 2025 is 15.

Deferred Entry

Parents of children who are offered a place at the school before they are of compulsory school age can defer their child’s entry until later in the school year, or until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year. Where entry is deferred, the school will hold the place for that child and not offer it to another child during the remainder of the school year. Parents cannot defer entry beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, nor beyond the academic year for which the original application was accepted. Parents can also request that their child attends part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age.

Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs

Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs will be allocated a place in accordance with S.324 of the education Act 1996

If there are more applicants than places available, governors will allocate places according to the over subscription criteria below:

Criteria for admission (in order of priority) Admission to Reception Year and in-year transfers

  1. ‘Looked after children’. Children who have been adopted from local authority care, children with a Child Arrangement Order or Residency Order and those with Special Guardianship following being Looked After will be included within the higher priority for looked after children.

  2. ‘Looked after children’ who were previously in care outside of England. Children who appear to have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted.
  3. A child who wishes to join a sibling already attending Hawksworth Church of England (VA) Primary School and where the older child will still be on roll at the expected time of admission.
  4. A child living and worshipping within the boundary of the Parish of Guiseley with Esholt.
  5. A child living within the boundary of the Parish of Guiseley with Esholt.
  6.  A child worshipping within the boundary of the Parish of Guiseley with Esholt.

  7. A child worshipping outside the boundary of the Parish of Guiseley with Esholt.

  8. Any other children.

Hawksworth CofE Primary School Tiebreaker

Where the offer of places to all applicants in any of the categories listed above would lead to over-subscription, the available places will be offered to those living nearest to the school. The straight-line distance measurement as provided by the Local Authority will be used as the final determining factor.

Common Preference Form

Applications will be made using Leeds City Council’s online system or the single form, known as the common preference form. These forms can be obtained from Leeds City Council or the school. Forms must be returned by the closing date of 15th January 2025. Places will be offered by the governors and parents will be notified via Leeds City Council on 16th April 2025. The school will also request a Supplementary Information Form (available on the school website or from the school office) be completed and returned to the school by the closing date of 15th January 2025.

In Year Admissions

Any parent will be able to apply directly to the school at any time. An admissions form can be obtained from the school and should be returned to them. Governors will consider whether or not a place can be offered and parents will be notified of the offer/refusal of a place by the school. The school will also notify Leeds City Council of the application and its outcome.


Parents have the right to an independent appeal. Appeals against the governor's decision not to offer places to applicants must be made by the parents, in writing, to the Clerk of the Appeals panel, through the Headteacher of the school within 20 days of the parents receiving notice that a place has not been offered to their child.

Waiting List

Where a child is refused an offer of a place in the school, the parents may request that the child’s name be placed on the school’s waiting list with the school. The waiting list will be maintained for the remainder of the academic year for which the application was made. Waiting lists will be maintained in order of the over-subscription priorities.


This policy statement is reviewed annually and is approved by the Governors Admission Committee. 

The Supplementary Information Form must be returned to school.

Supplementary Information Form Link

Admissions Policies:

2024 - 2025

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2025 - 2026

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